It’s been a little over a year since we started Euglena Labs – we bought our domain name, a server and everything with great excitement. The only thing we forgot to do was actually make a website. Well, we finally have one!

This website will showcase some of the things that we are working on. It would be awesome if you could sign up for updates by filingout the form on our front page. We promise not to spam – just send updates whenever we release something new to the world.

So, what is Euglena Labs?

Perhaps I should introduce myself – my name is Ayush Sood. I’m a student at Stanford University studying mechatronics. I really like making things. Euglena Labs is the home for a lot of my projects and collaborations. We’re currently in the process of releasing a couple of iPhone games that we’ve been working on. These games have been collaboratively developed by Vidhvat Madan, a game developer, Yanni Davros, a concept artist and me – you’ll see a blog post about them as they come out.